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WM Donald Drainage Services
WM Donald Drainage Services
WM Donald Drainage Services

Commercial Customer

Pre-adoption CCTV and cleansing

Combining our CCTV and jetting skills, we provide pre-adoption surveys and cleansing for homebuilders and commercial developers.

We use these services extensively on our own sites so we understand completely what is required to deliver exceptional service.

Due to the extensive pool of specialist skills within W M Donald, we can extend this service to include CAD drawings, as-built drawings, cover levels…all the way through to full site surveys (see below).

Full site surveys and supply of drainage layouts

A full site survey involves CCTV surveying – ideally undertaken in conjunction pipe pre-cleansing – of the site drainage system. A digital site drawing marked up with the drainage layout taken from the CCTV survey. The detailed drainage layout drawing shows pipe gradients, depths, pipe diameters and more.

Ideally, a topographical survey would be undertaken first. This gives the CCTV crew a base drawing from which to work.

The full survey results allow defects to be analysed, and detailed repair and maintenance programmes put in place.

A full site survey is often required to obtain key accreditation certificates.

Manhole inspections and surveys (STC25)

Manhole inspections and surveys often form part of cleansing/de-silting schemes as they provide an overview of the network and facilitate the programming and prioritisation of cleansing activities.

Manhole reports are also typically required as part of flooding and pollution studies.

Data is provided in STC25 format and, in addition to condition data on the cover, chamber and ladder, includes location and asset photos, and silt and flow levels.

STC25 defines the standard method and format for storing sewer data. It refers to the Department of Environment ‘Standard Technical Committee’ Report 25.

Confined spaces working

Man-entry surveys are primarily undertaken in very large diameter pipe or where flow levels make it unsafe to deploy CCTV cameras. Confined spaces working is often undertaken in large sewer assets such as CSO (Combined Sewer Overflows), pump stations and wet wells.

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