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WM Donald Drainage Services
WM Donald Drainage Services
WM Donald Drainage Services

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High pressure water jetting

Jetting clears blockages and restores the sewer’s hydraulic capacity. Jetting also cleans the internal bore of the pipe to enable accurate CCTV conditions surveys.

CCTV Surveys

WMD Drainage Services uses Proteus crawler CCTV systems ( to deliver quick, accurate and detailed conditions surveys of drains or sewers. Wincan VX reporting software ( allows initial analysis and reports to be created, downloaded and shared before we leave site.

Homebuyer surveys

Caveat emptor! At some stage in the near future it is highly likely that homebuyers will be legally obliged to undertake a drainage survey of their new property before the transaction can be completed.

Even without a legal requirement, it is still recommended that you undertake a drainage survey. This should include a CCTV condition survey and report on the mainline drainage from the head of the drain to the public sewer (or disconnecting trap), and proving the connectivity of any lateral drains. If defects are found, the survey should include a remedials report with costed recommendations as to any repair works.

Excavations and repairs

All defects identified by CCTV and visual survey – both above and below ground – are evaluated and graded. The objective is to identify and recommend the most suitable and cost-effective repair methods to return the drain to a serviceable condition.

Patch lining (trenchless technology)

Patch lining is a localised repair and renovation technique. It avoids having to reline a complete length of sewer. In most cases there is no need to dig down to the damaged pipe as ‘trenchless’ or ‘no-dig’ technology is used. These two factors make it very cost-effective.

Patch lining involves the insertion down the drain of an inflatable ‘packer’ (tube). The packer sits inside a fibre-mat impregnated with epoxy resin. When the packer has reached the correct position inside the drain it is inflated. Once the mat has cured, the packer is deflated and withdrawn. Even if the host pipe breaks away, the liner is strong enough to perform in its own right.

Patch liner repairs are WRc Approved ( They save time, cost and disruption. They are ideal for when repairs need to be undertaken below buildings, under roads and in environmentally-sensitive areas.

Laying of new drains and sewers

W M Donald has been laying, maintaining and repairing drains and sewers since it was established 40 years ago. This type of work is in our DNA.

Water supply pipe (WSP) – investigation, renewal and repairs

WMD Drainage Services can trace, locate and repair domestic and commercial water supply pipes. Where necessary we can renew and recommission water supply pipes too. We undertake the complete job including reinstatement of road surfaces.

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